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ACS Vostok Lever - Single Group

ACS Vostok Lever - Single Group

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The new Vostok single group is an eye-catching machine for design and technical features.

It is equipped, besides the main control panel, with an innovative dosing system, to control the group with additional unique features.

On the main display, not considering the standard functions, you can set the preinfusion pressure that will be controlled electronically.

On the additional board, you can work in 2 ways: by time or pressure. These functions are unique on the lever machines scenario and we hope that our customers will appreciate them. 

Height : 54,30 cm

Height with lever : 81,50 cm

Width : 26,10 cm

Depth : 58,30 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Voltage :
230/240 - 50Hz
115/220 - 60Hz

Power : 2400 watt


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