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"It all starts with a cup"

"Our journey began in 2018 when we explored and met with the farmers personally to learn about the harvesting process of the coffee beans. From young adults to the elderly, every farmer had their own story to tell and a dream they hoped to accomplish. However, with the lack of education, accessibility, and language barrier, it was difficult for them to earn a decent living with traditional middlemen constantly conducting deals against their favour. This comes our promise to create a fair trade business that will benefit all parties involved on a mutual basis."

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Have been buying often from Stefanus and he has given me a new perspective on Indonesian beans. This one though goes above and beyond. ​Fruity, fragrant, and light; kinda reminds me of Geisha beans actually.


Fast delivery. Coffee is freshly roasted and sold at amazing prices. Highly recommended! The beans were delivered the next day! Freshly roasted coffee beans with an amazing deep aroma. Highly recommended!


Ordered several beans over a couple of months and they were all just as described. Great job in ensuring consistency and appreciate the purchase follow-up.Top guy, do ask him for recommendations based on your brew preferences!



Community of coffee enthusiasts

Whether you're an aspiring home barista or someone who has been brewing coffee at home since a long ago, at ACE Home Barista, we wish to bring together a community of like-minded individuals, regardless of age or background, to band together in our love for coffee.

  • We are home baristas, just like you!
  • We use and consume our own products
  • It's about quality not quantity
  • We are transparent. Our customers are our friends

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