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Lelit Bianca Version 3 PL162T

Lelit Bianca Version 3 PL162T

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Main features

Lelit Bianca is an espresso machine without compromises, with L58E group, manual control of the water flow, and dual boiler. It has been created for those expert baristas that know how to get the best out of every coffee. 

    Watch the video here

    And the following is the video comparison of Bianca VS MaraX Part 1 in Bahasa Indonesia - do check out Part 2 video for a more detailed on the technical comparison


    Technical features

    • 800 ml stainless steel coffee boiler
    • 1,5 l stainless steel steam boiler / L58E group with a paddle to regulate the water flow on the coffee puck
    • Professional water-steam taps with spring closure / I/O back-lit stainless steel switch / Programmable pre-infusion parameters through LCC
    • LCD high-resolution graphic display
    • 58mm filter holder with wood handle and exclusive Coffee Slide
    • Possibility of direct water plumbing and direct drain
    • Possibility to disable the steam boiler only
    • Programmable Stand-by function
    • Partial and total doses counters
    • Possibility to place the water tank on the three sides of the machine
    • Mug friendly and espresso cup rack.
    • Water tank: 2,5 l
    • Rotative pump motor: 150W
    • Dimensions WxDxH: 29 x 48,5 x 40 cm
    • Coffee boiler heating element: 1400W (220V-240V 50Hz) – 1000W (120V 60 Hz)
    • Steam boiler heating element: 1400W (220V-240V 50Hz / 120V 60 Hz)
    • Voltage: 220/240V 50-60Hz – 120V 60Hz
    • Weight: 26,5 kg
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