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Lelit Water Softener 70L PLA930S/PLA930M
Lelit Water Softener 70L PLA930S/PLA930M
Lelit Water Softener 70L PLA930S/PLA930M

Lelit Water Softener 70L PLA930S/PLA930M

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WATER SOFTENER FILTERS (See video below on how to use)

Want to make a perfect espresso?

This water softener filter will help you enhance the water quality needed to make the base of a good espresso. 

These filters limit the formation of limestone inside the coffee machine and ensure a better result in the preparation of drinks, enhancing all the aromas of the chosen blend. They trap calcium and magnesium salts, preventing limestone incrustations and releasing sodium salts. 

  • Compatible with all LELIT espresso machines
  • Package Content – PLA930M Two 70L LELIT Submersible  sodium-based cationic water softener filter
  • Package Content – PLA930S Two 35L LELIT Submersible   sodium-based cationic water softener filter

  • How to use it?

    Simply attach the Lelit water softener filter in the water tank. Instructions will be provided. 

    Disclaimer: All Lelit products are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy using professional technology and components for the bar.