Latte art introduction

Are you curious about the craft behind creating beautiful latte art?

We'll like to personally guide and equip you with the basic knowledge and understanding of frothing milk with your very own machine and equipments.

The 2-hour hands-on session (S$100) includes:
    + How to choose the right type of milk
    + Milk frothing for latte art
    + The basic Heart (and Rosetta) pattern
    + Laughter, tons of fun, and making a new friend        + FREE 200gr of coffee beans

You will only need to provide the milk and other equipment.

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latte art introduction

What do others experience

Signed up for the 2-hour latte art course, but Stefanus generously stayed for almost 3 hour. Very sincere and nice guy. I was even allowed to invite a friend to stay with us throughout. The course itself is very basic, will need a lot of practice to do latte art. All the best!


Check out our YouTube video
How to froth milk

Learn the basics through our easy hands-on introductory course on creating latte art!

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